Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How Do We Form a Union?

1. The first step is to establish a nurse-to-nurse network. The purpose of this blog is to see if there is a level of interest that would make this possible and to encourage nurses to talk to each other about a union. Each entry has a link labeled "Comments" where nurses are encouraged to respond to and state their concerns and desires.

2. If there is enough support, then the next step is to have an informational meeting. We could decide on a course of action and contact a nurses union that we could affiliate with. The California Nurses Association (http://www.calnurses.org/) has expressed interest in helping us form a union. They would provide us with information, guidance, literature and negotiators.

3. If a majority of nurses were willing to sign union cards (which are not shown to the employer), then we could have a system-wide election, run by state government officials, to decide if we want to be represented by a union.

4. Finally, if we vote for a union (simple majority required), then we could form it and begin electing officers. Then a team of our nurses and union negotiators could be selected to begin bargaining with MCHS for a union contract.


We need your feedback. Express your views. Indicate your feelings about a nurses union and if you would support one. We will not give out your name, email address or any other information identifying information about you without your permission. Please go to the "Comments" link and state your feelings. With this information we can decide if a union meeting would be useful. Tell your fellow nurses about this blog. The more input we have, the better. Management can read the blog also but be aware, any comments by management could be a violation of the NLRA.

We will update this blog as needed. Hopefully your feedback will provide helpful information.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the majority of nurses voted for a union does that mean even nurses that didn't want a union would have to join? Does the union include nursing techs? I'm wondering if nurses would have the freedom to choose to be non-union if they wanted to. I may be leaning towards unionizing but I wouldn't want anyone uncomfortable with the idea or against the idea of a union to be forced to join. Does anyone know how it works?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006  

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