Friday, September 29, 2006

What do we do now?

The blog has been active for less than a month and we have had 96 hits so far with only word of mouth advertising. We have had several very good comments expressing individual views and concerns. The one comment that was deleted included the person’s name. That individual liked the new productivity program and the opportunity to earn extra pay. If they would like to resend their comment without their name or include permission to use their name, we would be happy to post it.

“What do we do now?” We need to get more staff aware of what is going on. Spread the word to other nurses. Encourage them to visit the Blog and leave a comment. An email account has been set up for those that would like to become more active. Names will not be published or given out unless we have your permission. We want nurses from all parts of MCHS. If you want to participate, contact us at We will schedule a meeting to develop a plan of action when there is sufficient response.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How would an union look at the productivity bonus? I find it discouraging to know the those who are a 1.0 are now getting paid a big bonus to do what they should have been doing all along and that is showing up for work. They have more of their benefits paid (that is a whole other topic) and now they can earn over 4000.00 for coming to work, limiting Pal time, and not calling in. Isn't that what we all are suppose to do. The WEO, .9 and .8's have been targeted as the group to try and encourage to work more to get to the full time bonus. We have lost the 2000 dollar retention bonus and are the only groups who can not make it up by coming to work as scheduled. The lowest group can earn more because they didn't get a retention bonus and then the 2nd lowest group lost a 1000.00 retention bonus but now they can earn more by coming to work and not working extra.
Why can't we just get paid an extra hourly rate if we come in and work on our day off. Increase the perfect attendance percent on our evaluations. We earn PAL and should be allowed to take it.
Personally I feel like we have not been treated as professionals in this.
Just wonder what others think.

Thursday, October 05, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that the productivity bonus isn't the best plan. It doesn't matter what your FTE is...basically it isn't a great plan for anyone mainly because everyone that works extra is being paid a different amount, some people working extra aren't being paid ANY bonus at all. Let me explain...they have established a "base" pay for each FTE. I can't remember all of them but $125 for 1.0 and $50 for .75-.99 is accurate (I think). That may be fine but let's say that several of us decide we want the full $125. If I am a .8 and you are a .9 then we are both trying to make an additional $75 right? It will take 16 hours of extra time to make the same "bonus" as a coworker doing 8 hours of extra time. So hourly...the .9 makes about a $9/hr bonus and the .8 and $4.50/hr bonus. That doesn't seem right. If the .9 works 8 hours then they get the additionall $75. If the .8 works an equal 8 hours they get nothing. It works this way for all of the employees no matter what the FTE. If a .6 works 8 hours extra they go from 37.50 to $50 which is only a $13 increase. So no matter what... I think that the bonus should be based hourly so we are all being paid equally for our time. If a 1.0 works extra they don't qualify for any bonus pay either. Hopefully this plan will be re-evaluated.

Sunday, October 08, 2006  

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